Guard Tour Patrol Software Improves Security & Guard Performance

Guard Tour Patrol Software Improves Security & Guard Performance

How Guard Tour Patrol Software Improves Security & Guard Performance?

One of the biggest problems faced by businesses is not knowing if their guards are performing well. This problem is usually faced when conventional, older guard tour systems are in use.

It is the result of poor accountability of the officers. It is also faced when a company’s security lacks data analysis skills. Any and all problems in their system go unnoticed because of this.

There are several ways to tackle such problems. However, experts say that you should always aim at the roots of any problem to solve it. This prevents similar problems from springing up in the future.

The roots, in this case, are quite clear: your guard tour system. If you also face such problems, it high time that you started looking for an upgrade to your existing system.

A decent guard tour patrol software will definitely improve both your guard performance and your overall security. This will make it beneficial for both the guards and their superiors, and even you as the owner. It will not only make their jobs easier for them but make them effective in carrying them out as well.

This will bring about job satisfaction, which will lead to an overall more efficient security force. Thus, here are a few key reasons how guard tour systems improve your security & guard performance:

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Guard tour patrol software

Guard Tour Patrol Software offers Digitalization                                       

Guard Tour patrol software has undergone many changes in the past years. One of the game-changing updates was the digitalization of its processes. This helped it to achieve top-class security for all its users.

Time Savers

For example, in older systems, guards using the wand method had to visit the security HQ after patrols. This was to gain all the data recorded in the wand during patrols.

This was a time-taking process that was unnecessary yet a formality that had to be fulfilled. Not only could the guard’s superiors utilize this time better, but guards could also go home quicker after their patrols.

However, modern guard patrol systems have changed the whole scenario. Guards no longer need to make such a visit to the security HQs, unless in extraordinary circumstances.

The only thing they need to do is to scan their hand-held devices at the checkpoints and voila! Job done. The computers automatically handle everything else.

These systems contain “cloud-based” guard tour patrol software. Thus, as soon as a guard scans his device, the computer automatically records all needed data. It also uploads this data to the “cloud”, which is an external, off-site server. The computer also sends an alert to the guard’s superiors automatically when a checkpoint has been patrolled.

As all processes take place automatically, they are all almost instantaneous and simultaneous. This saves time for other, more demanding processes.

Therefore, all due to saving time, guards will guarantee better results in their patrols. This will pave the way for a safer security system, which will make everyone perform better!

Perfect Accuracy

Another benefit of the digitalization of these systems is that no detail is left out. Computers are always error-free, immune to mistakes. They capture each and every aspect of all situations.

Thus, whenever a guard scans their device, the computer automatically factors in all details. This can be the scanning time of the device or the time it took to complete a patrol. All the required details that will be taken in by the computer will be exact. There will be no guaranteed error in them.

As a result of this system, nothing will go unseen or unheard.

Optimal Accountability

Sometimes, due to human nature, guards might get lazy or might just be having a bad day. Due to that, they might be in the mood to skip a certain checkpoint. In conventional systems, doing such things is easy as all details are recorded manually. The guard could simply call his friend at the checkpoint and ask him to mark his attendance for him.

Doing so would seem like a simple thing, but such acts can be detrimental to the security of your business. Let’s suppose that someone left a suspicious package in your patrol area. However, because you were too lazy to patrol that certain area today, you skipped it. Therefore, the package went unreported and unchecked.

To prepare for the worst, you can consider the possibility that the package might have contained dangerous material e.g explosives. This could harm immense harm to your company, all because of a guard’s laziness that went unchecked. Newer employees could also pick up such habits when they see the older ones acting so. This will create an overall inefficient force that will reduce your security’s quality dramatically.

Modern guard tour patrol software help prevents situations just like this.

To mark their attendance, guards will need to physically be present at checkpoints to scan their unique handheld devices. This prevents any and all such activity. If any guard misses a checkpoint, his superiors will be immediately alerted. They would then take action against him.

This would immensely help your overall security as you could finally get rid of all the bad eggs in your guard force. This will make your officers comprise only of those people that are serious about their jobs. Therefore, having an effective force with maximum accountability, your security will be top-class!

Guard Tour Patrol Software offer Real-Time Responses

Modern guard tour systems come equipped with several impressive features. One such quality is the transmission of the guard’s live location.

Live Location

This is the result of GPS tracking technology; the transmitters being present in the guard’s handheld devices. This will allow your administration to have access to all your security guards’ movements on your premises.

The best part: the guard tour patrol software is accessible from anywhere.

All anyone needs is access to the servers, along with an internet connection and they are good to go.  They can access this information from anywhere in the world, at any time they want.

This significantly eases the administration’s duty as they can even monitor premises after hours. They can also examine the guards’ locations in case of any emergencies. If anything seems off, they can simply contact the guards through their handheld devices. This paves the way for an efficient and well-coordinated system.

Guard Tour Patrol Software offer GPS Facility

Such guard tour patrol software comes equipped with a GPS facility. This serves as a reassuring factor to mainly the guard force, and also makes them act responsibly.

In the past, radio communication took place for passing on information, which mostly wasn’t very long range. Thus, it often took time for the administration to know if something had happened. And in the time that they took action, it was often too late.

However, forget all such worries if you are upgrading to a modern guard patrol system. These systems come equipped with GPS facilities that help in tracking guards at all times.

Their handheld devices come equipped with a “panic” or a “man down” button. Guards are to press these only in times of extreme emergency. This can be if they notice something extremely fishy, or even in the case of a guard’s own medical emergency.

Upon pressing this button, the system will immediately alert the guard’s superiors in the security HQ. They can then use one of the many features of this system to gain an insight into what is going on.

For example, they could use the call feature to call the guard and ask about what is going on. If he would require backup, it could thus be sent immediately. Or, if the guard doesn’t pick up, his location could be checked using the said GPS facility. Then, you could tell any guard close to him to go over to him and give updates on the situation.

Such systems would also help your security to have an overall faster response time. Due to a lapse in communication no longer existing, communication of information takes place almost immediately. This helps the administration to give out orders accordingly and immediate action takes place.

Therefore, these facilities would allow your security team to prepare for a wide range of possibilities. They would thus be ready for any coming scenario, providing maximum security and efficiency.

Increased Accountability

The real-time tracking feature might seem all bright and shiny to the guards. However, it is the foremost factor in keeping them on their heels.

This feature helps the administration to keep tabs on guards at all times. If any guard is seen to be missing checkpoints or avoiding his duties, his superiors could immediately reprimand him.

Also, if during data analysis, a report indicates any guard to lack in his responsibilities, you could take action accordingly. And if you find the reports to be true and they don’t fulfill their responsibilities, they would lose their job.

Therefore, a real-time guard patrol system covers all the nooks and crannies in your security system. You thus have a security system that is almost impossible to bypass.

Guard Tour Patrol Software offer Data Storage & Analysis

An efficient guard tour patrol software is one that is multifunctional and effective.

Reduced Paperwork

One of the best features that a modern guard tour system offers is the ability to store large sums of data efficiently. In the past, security services weren’t efficient due to having numerous formalities and large sums of paperwork to deal with.

For example, after a guard manually wrote his attendance, he gave it over to his supervisor. He then went through it manually to check for something that stood out. If not, a copy was made of it and it was stored in the company’s file room. These file rooms were basically what they mean: large rooms full of files, considered a wastage of space by most.

However, the rapid development of technology has helped guard tour systems to reduce paperwork dramatically. Due to most processes taking place digitally, there isn’t a need for guards, or anyone, using large amounts of paper. All procedures take place digitally to reduce paperwork as much as possible.

These systems, due to having cloud access, store all details on an external server. This helps to dramatically save space and time as well. Fetching data from these servers is easier than ever and can take place in just a single click.
Talk about efficiency!



Data Analysis

Guard tour patrol software helps your security system’s budget by cutting down on your staff needs. Due to being equipped with the latest technology from the world of computing, the need for data analyzers is no more.

By asking your system to access past data from its cloud, you can gain access to numerous reports on-demand. The best part: you will not even have to wait a single second for these reports. By providing you with instant access to them, it will save both time and money. You will no longer need a bulk typist as well as the report’s findings will already be in digital form.

These reports will be as accurate as they come. As computers lack the capability to make mistakes, they are much more immune to errors than even the most expert of people in this field. Therefore, you will be guaranteed to obtain reports that will be free of any and all errors. This will help you to finally take care of all the aspects of your security system that demand attention.

Final Word

These are just some of the numerous benefits that a guard patrol system host for your business. Attaining such a system will help you gain a highly professional approach to your security needs. Tending to them in the best possible way is not a luxury, but something your business urgently needs.

Investing in a guard tour patrol software like this would lead to your business performing much better. It would even grow much faster, all because you would be paying attention to its operations. This would come as a result of you achieving peace of mind, knowing that your business is at its best.




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