Guard Tour Management Software Download - Points to Consider

Guard Tour Management Software Download – Points to Consider

A Detailed Guide about Choosing a Guard tour management software download

Choosing the right Guard Tour Management Software Download can be very important for the success of your business. It is not only important for the administration but the guards as well. It will help in determining the efficiency of the security services that you have present.

Many businesses make the mistake of neglecting their security services as something that is not very important. However, the truth might be the exact opposite. An effective guard tour system helps to log the patrols done by your security guards. This process is ensured to be extremely accurate, with very low chances of tampered results.

Choosing a Guard Tour Management Software Download that is suitable for your company is a delicate process. This is because of so much competition being present in the markets nowadays. This makes the process of choosing the right system very difficult for the normal buyer.

However, say goodbye to all such worries. Here are a few points that you should consider while choosing a guard tour system for your business. If you take care of these points, you will surely gain a suitable system for your company!

Guard Tour Management Software Download

Mobility & Simplicity

The devices that come with guard tour systems should be as mobile as possible. They should not take up much space, nor should be very difficult to keep. The smaller, the better. As guards have to make patrols over a large area, carrying a large device would only make their job difficult. However, if the device is mobile, they could easily hold it at all times during their patrol. This would make their job quite easier and much more comfortable for them.

The same devices should also be simple to understand. This way, anyone can learn how to use them, even those people with no knowledge of technology. They should contain no complex information that users should have to learn before using them. Everyone will be in favor of a simple device that is multi-purpose and easy to use.

You should also see to it that the guard tour management software’s download should be an easy process. In most cases, anyone can download it from the internet. However, a CD given by the manufacturer is also used for some guard tour management software downloads. This software should also be easy to navigate. Someone without previous knowledge of such software should be able to use it without difficulty. This allows for the system to be user-friendly.

Provision of Ease

Whilst choosing a guard tour system, you should see how much ease it will provide to your work. A few things to look at are the quantity of work done automatically, and how many things will require reduced manual labor.

The easiness of tasks is the most important benefit that an efficient guard tour system will give you. It will reduce the amount of work that you need to do yourself. This benefit will be to both the administration and guards as well.

The best example of the provision of ease is of patrol logs.

Instead of manually writing down their attendance, guards simply have to scan their devices at the checkpoints now, and voila! Their attendance is marked and sent to the administration automatically. An extra benefit is that it will also upload this data to the cloud if you want for later use!

The guard tour management software download process is sometimes too difficult. You should always avoid such companies that have this problem. The software should be user-friendly and easy to navigate. It should host all the latest features such as the live location of employees and their real-time tracking. This will all provide you ease in your guard patrol operations.


The guard tour system should have devices that are durable and can survive a number of conditions. You should always aim for companies that provide guarantees on the durability of their products. Usually, the guarantees come with a warranty as well, which you can avail if the need arises. Avoid going with companies that offer limited or no warranties at all.

The devices should be durable in several ways, for example, drop-resistant. In the field, the guards might use these devices quite roughly. They might fall to the ground multiple times or be exposed to dust. This is why you should only go for companies that guarantee durability for their devices. The best devices are those that are made from alloy cases, which provide the best level of durability.

The devices might even come into contact with water. Thus, they need to be waterproof as well. If not, then the damage caused to the device’s contents would leave the device useless. (leading to a loss of money)

Efficient Software Operations

You should always pay attention to your choice of management software. The guard tour management software download process is sometimes too complicated and might even take too long. So, you should try and go for those companies that offer easier solutions to this problem. Your chosen Guard Tour Management Software Download should be both easy to install and operate. It should be multi-functional, offering your administration many options for use.

An efficient Guard Tour Management Software Download offers much automation to your company. It should be able to carry out data analysis and create reports by itself. All this would help to reduce the amount of manual work that humans previously did.

Your choice should only be of a software that offers various functionalities. For example, it should scan missed patrols on-demand and create reports accordingly. All these features help to create a system that is efficient and effective.

Real-Time Access

A well-designed guard tour management software downloads quickly and has several useful features. One such feature is real-time access to data.

Through this feature, the administration can take advantage of the advanced GPS technology in the guard’s devices. They will be able to see the guards’ live locations whenever they want. This will be quite helpful in identifying if guards are doing their patrols responsibly.

The real-time feature of this system also helps to check if all guards have completed their checkpoints. This will help to create a more secure guard patrol system. A more secure patrol system will mean your premises will be more secure, thus providing you with peace of mind.

The handheld devices also have a built-in “panic button”. This is for the guards to push in case they require attention.

A guard might have seen suspicious activity going on or might have a medical emergency. In such cases, he will push the panic button. This will notify his superiors of an emergency and they will then respond accordingly.

Right kind of Guard Tour Management Software Download brings Reliability

A good Guard Tour Management Software Download provides its user with the highest levels of security. The usage of a guard tour system by itself reduces your chances of data theft manifolds.

In conventional guard tour systems, patrol attendance had to be manually marked in notebooks. These notebooks were prone to threats like theft, or weather damage.

Modern guard tour systems have replaced them by making the whole process digitized. Now, these systems are more reliable than ever. The information does not exist in a physical “hard copy” at any place. All processes, from patrol attendance to panic calls, take place digitally through a hand-held device.

As all information is online, there is no vulnerability. Even guards can not manipulate the data as the systems record it automatically. This system will also help you in getting to know your patrol’s progress. You will accurately be able to know which checkpoints have the guards covered. Their patrol routes and their patrol rates could all be accessed by you reliably. It is next to impossible for the guards to bypass such a system. They have to individually scan their handheld devices.

The only process that you have to pay attention to is the software installation. An antivirus should supervise the guard tour management software’s download process to ensure it has no hidden malware. If not, then an anti-virus guarantee should be present by the company supplying it. This will reassure you that no harm will come to your systems because of this software. You will thus be able to achieve your goal of a secure and reliable guard patrol system.

Budget Control

Another factor that you should look out for in your guard patrol systems is the number of benefits it offers. Do the benefits give you long-term financial perks? Are the guard tour management software downloads too expensive?

An easy trick to solve this problem is to go for the company’s that would offer you a trial of their services. Trials are usually free of cost and help you get know-how of how the system works.

Obtaining a guard patrol system for your business is a good investment. It not only gives you better security but also saves you money in the long run. An efficient system helps cut down on many manual tasks. This not only saves time but money as well. For example, data analyzers and bulk typists are now out of jobs. These tasks are quite easily carried out by the Artificial-Intelligence powered guard patrol systems. This makes the results not only better, but cheaper to obtain.

Guard Tour Management Software Download should provide after Sales Services

You must have access to 24/7 support from the company you gained your guard patrol services from. Implementing state-of-the-art technology within your business is extremely important. But this process can be hard at the start.

In some cases, patrol staff have to be trained on key aspects of the system so that they can play their role in it responsibly.

Friendly and cooperative customer support is key in such circumstances. It will allow for an in-depth education of your guards about their duties. This will consequently make them perform their duties more effectively.

Around-the-clock access to customer support from your supplier can help solve many of your problems. This would aid in resolving your issues and would let you get the most out of your guard tour system.

Look For A Single Supplier

You should always go for those suppliers that make all components of their guard patrol systems. This includes the hand-held devices, their readers (that are going to be placed at checkpoints), and the software as well.

Most suppliers obtain either their software or their readers from third-party manufacturers. This results in a serious downgrade in the quality and life of such products.

This would also be a headache for you if you would require customer support. Such suppliers frequently rely on their third-party manufacturers for any repairs or support.

Buying a guard patrol software that makes all of its components is best for your business. Hopefully, you would not need to contact customer support; but if you do, you will not have to go on for days waiting for a response. This would make your work quicker and more efficient than before.

Final Word - Guard Tour Management Software Download

Gaining a suitable Guard Tour Management Software Download is extremely important to the well-being of any business. It helps you identify your staff’s inefficiencies and act against them. Any employee found to be avoiding his duties can easily be found and dealt with accordingly. This will help you in creating a healthy environment in your workplace, one where every employee does his duties responsibly.

In this rapidly developing world, criminal activities are also taking new forms. Criminals can carry out sabotage by using advanced methods that people aren’t prepared for.

It is because of this that you should fight fire with fire. Using the same advanced methods in the form of an efficient guard patrol system, you can make your business secure. It will be well protected from all kinds of damages or harm that you might think of. This will help you in getting peace of mind, so you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your business. With your focus on the areas that demand your attention, you will be on your way to success!

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