Guard Patrol Tour System- Top 10 Benefits

Guard Patrol Tour System- Top 10 Benefits


Guard patrol - A Detailed Guide about its Benefits

Rapid advancements in technology have brought benefits for many sectors in the commercial and industrial world. One such sector that has reaped many benefits from the growth of cloud computing is guard patrols. It's something that is essential for the safety and security of a business. Guard Patrol tour systems help to increase the efficiency of the employed security guards. This is because of the fear of accountability from the administration. It helps them keep a record of all the rounds. This, in turn, helps to maintain accurate records of such information.

As with every other sector, people considered it a shaky idea to introduce cloud computing to the world of guard patrols. However, in a very short time period these new systems managed to take the world of surveillance by storm and proved themselves to be worthy. Let's explore the reasons that make these cloud based guard tour systems worthy.

Guard patrol

Ease to Employees

The rapidly developing guard patrol sector has had many positive impacts on the businesses employing either their own or third-party security services. Even the security guards got some great benefits out of it. Due to cloud based technology, people no longer require notebooks or registers for manual ledgers.

Using cloud-based technology at every step of the way, the need for manual ledgers to be made using notebooks and registers no longer exists. Thus, the workers are also relieved of this demanding process.

Due to the lack of a paper trail, all information is sent to a secure external server from where it can be easily retrieved at any time of day. Employees simply have to record their patrols on an application on their smartphones and voila! It saves them a lot of time.

Effortless and Facile to use

The said advancements have brought about ease to the workers in performing their duties. In the past, new security guards had to firstly understand and memorize all the terminologies and protocols of their new job. The fulfillment of these protocols was not only a time-consuming task but was prone to errors due to the repetition of tasks.

For example, a worker logged his round into the patrol notebook and took a picture of himself using the camera at the patrol checkpoint. Now, his supervisor will have to copy his hand-written details into the main file database that the company used to maintain. This repetition of entry of data will only make the task harder and more demanding at every step of the way for everyone.

However, the introduction of these cloud-based systems has made the job 100x easier for the guards. For example, now they just have to simply log their rounds through an app on their phone. This automatically transfers the data to a secure external electronic database which helps prevent any discrepancies throughout the way. This is what makes the guard patrols more effective. Not just this but it also brings in some effortlessness and convenience.

Budget Control

Quite surprisingly, this advanced technology comes with aid to your finances as well. This is only a one-time major investment for your present and future security needs. Therefore, a cloud-based guard patrol system will help the more deserving areas of your business to obtain the funds that you've been saving.

Your new system can help you avoid the repetition of administrative tasks, saving you plenty of time and money. With a system like this, AI will handle much of your previously manually done tasks. Thus, there will be a reduced need for employees like data analyzers or bulk typists that will save your company money. All this simply points towards the fact that the use of cloud-based guard tour systems will guarantee both accountability and accuracy to be 110%.

Safer than Conventional Guard Checkpoints

In offline guard patrol methods, data is recorded in notebooks, leaving it in a physical “hard-copy” form. This makes it vulnerable to not only external natural damages but also to dangers like thefts. If the notebooks are stolen, the data inside them can be compromised. This would give its withholder critical information like the times at which guards make their rounds. Not only is this fearsome for the well-being of the guards but is also a threat to the integrity of the business.

Therefore, cloud-based systems help you get free of all such worries, as at no time does data exist in a hard copy where it could have a chance of being compromised. This means that guards can make their rounds without any worries of any complications happening in this regard, which not only makes these new systems more secure but effective in their job as well.

Automation Paves the Way for Accuracy

Since the computer’s AI manages cloud-based systems, all data recordings happen upon the preset commands without any human interference. What this means is that a guard no longer has to manually enter his details nor swipe a card for the same purpose.

Whenever he or she will pass a preset checkpoint, the only thing they will need to do is to log their reports on the cloud system’s app on their smartphones. First, the information is uploaded to the company’s database. After that it goes straight to the relevant supervisors or managers almost immediately. This will make the whole data entry process much easier for the guards.

In addition to that, information will also be recorded accurately, without any discrepancies. Whenever the conduction of a seasonal analysis will take place, the cloud-based system will provide only those reports that are required. The rest of it is kept safe and sound for later use.

By filtering data categorically, things can become extremely organized. This would be especially while carrying out activities like tracking guard activity, or their patterns of behavior. You would therefore have a birds’ eye view of all the things going on in your patrol tours, which would help you to manage them effectively.

Increased Accountability

Due to the automation of cloud based systems, the number of times a guard makes his intervals will be recorded. Moreover, all the critical details of the events occurring during his patrol will be recorded. The administration on demand can then access this data whenever they require. This will in turn help to determine how effective your whole operation is.

This information will help to clear out all redundancies in your system. Any factors that hinder the effectiveness of your guard patrol systems will surface as well.

In addition to that, this will also boost the security guards’ services towards their company. They'll always be under the pressure of being monitored. This system also provides you access to your patrol’s activity from anywhere in the world. Thus, it is a foolproof way of ensuring your guard tours go well without any hindrance and your employees are working as they should.

Allows for real-time tracking

In a conventional guard tour system, the occasion of summoning a specific guard causes a fuss like no other. Protocols are set for employees like, passing the message on a checkpoint from one guard to another. Or even asking for permission from several supervisors.

In some cases, if the patrol area is too large, there might be difficulty in finding a certain guard. However, cloud-based systems solve all such problems as having the added benefit of GPS tracking, each guard can be recognized by their unique ID number in the guard patrol app downloaded in their smartphones.

This will allow employers to track their guard’s activities in real-time. They can check guard activity, monitor their positions, and even see tour reports at any time they wish. This helps create a system that aids in the provision of efficient guard tour services.

Aids in saving and maintaining history

Earlier people had separate file rooms to keep their documents. But the cloud based guard patrol systems have changed things and made them more convenient. It is one which cheekily lies in its name: the cloud.

Utilizing the benefits of storing the information on an external secure server.

The cloud acts as an aid to saving a company’s space. This helps in utilizing the space where guard patrol records are kept. In addition to that, it also gives a mind-blowing boost to the speed of operations. Through this system, one no longer needs to go through the alphabetical assortment of files to find a certain record. Instead, you just have to search for the name of the file you are looking for. It will then appear in front of you on your screen magically as if it were always there. This would not only increase the speed of operations but would also help in reducing maintenance times drastically.

Provides quick solutions to problems

Using the latest technology cloud-based guard tour system, only the click of a button can solve all your problems easily. The only prerequisite needed is the one available to everyone nowadays: access to the Internet.

In addition to supporting WIFI, 3G, and 4G, it also supports 5G. Whatever your problem is, the smartphone app for the guard patrols is just a click away.

In addition to solving the foremost problem of time-consuming patrol logs entry, the cloud-computed systems can also help guards to report any problems that they face almost immediately through the click of a button. Guards also have the ability to send images or videos of any incident to their supervisors instantaneously. They can then take subsequent actions accordingly. It all proves that these innovative cloud-based guard patrol systems are the future of security patrols.

No additional download headaches

Due to this being a new technology, many businesses and security firms house their reservations to shift to a cloud-based system. This shift from conventional offline security tour methods to cloud-based systems seems risky but it actually isn't.

The whole point of the “cloud-based” system is to not burden you with any additional work than is necessary. If an existing system is in place, you can quite simply and easily synchronize the old systems with the new ones; or just enter the data into the new systems once initially if it isn’t present in digital form, and voila!

This will help you to save finances in switching to the new systems. Suddenly, you will be operating on one of the top-quality methods in the guard patrol world.

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Final Word

Thus, in this era of rapid development and innovation, you can either go with the best or nothing. The latter is not something anyone would want. To stay up to date with the latest trends is the only way to survive in this age of modernization.

Having a cloud-based guard tour system for your company should no longer be a choice, but a need that has to be fulfilled. This will pave your way for the efficient growth and running of your business. Not only that, but it will also help you save finances to utilize elsewhere. All this would quite simply help your business in one way or another. Be it tracking your guards to monitoring their live activity, a cloud-based system is the way to go. In a nutshell, not only can they significantly improve your guard patrol’s productivity but would also justifiably increase your reliance upon it.

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