Wuchang Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. To Use Our Explosion-proof Patrol System

Wuchang Shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. To Use Our Explosion-proof Patrol System

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Wuchang Shipping Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (referred to as the Wushu ship), affiliated with China Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group, was founded in 1934, "15" period is one of the country's 156 key construction projects. 1953 years, renamed Wuchang Shipyard, February 2009, the overall restructuring for Wuchang Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., May 2014, changed its name to Wuchang shipping Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., May 2014, changed its name to Wuchang shipping Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd, is a typical civil-military integration, limited related diversified development of large-scale modern integrated enterprises.

After years of continuous development, the existing staff of the armed ship more than 10,000 people, covers an area of 6 million square meters, the total assets of nearly 30 billion yuan. The formation of Wuchang headquarters, Qingdao Haixi Bay, Wuhan Double Willow three manufacturing base and military trade, civilian ships, bridge equipment, marine equipment, complete sets of equipment and steel structure six products plate coordinated development pattern. Since the 90 's, the main economic indicators of the armed ship for 23 consecutive years to maintain double-digit growth rate, 2013, the realization of output value, development, sales revenue of three billion.

Wushu has established an internationally accepted quality, safety and environmental management system, with 123 types of pressure vessel design and manufacture, steel structure and hydraulic metal mechanism manufacturing and installation of professional contracting, such as more than 60 qualifications, is the domestic shipping enterprises with high-grade professional contracting most qualified enterprises.

Wushu Ship is the most important business ship, engineering ship and marine equipment construction base in China, with 300,000 tons of ship design and construction capabilities, but also China's core suppliers of various major projects. Built a worldwide attention to the Three gorges of the Yangtze River, such as large herringbone doors, access doors and underground power station facilities, participated in the construction of Gezhouba, Qingjiang, south-to-North water-to-South Xinglong Water Conservancy project and other large-scale hydraulic facilities, built a number of Shang ship hoist, the ship lift machine and other precision projects, the construction of To help Tiangong one and Shenzhou series non-ship smooth harder.

Safety responsibility Mount Tai, safety responsibility is the guarantee and premise for the sustainable development of an enterprise. Since the beginning of August 2014, the company has made a simple and preliminary understanding of our explosion-proof patrol system, and our professionals have patiently answered all the questions raised by our customers. For the customer's concerns and concerns, our company and customers signed a sample trial agreement, to provide customers with samples for trial.

After one months of trial, our explosion-proof patrol system HUA-101’s Super waterproof and anti-fall performance, has been highly recognized and evaluated by customers. Coupled with the product qualification certification is very complete and good service, customer concerns have been completely eliminated. By mid-September this year, your company decided to fully enterprise our explosion-proof patrol system, so that the management of enterprises more standardized and scientific.

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