Dongguan Cargill Grain And Oil Co., Ltd. Uses Our Explosion-proof Intelligent Patrol System Hua-101

Dongguan Cargill Grain And Oil Co., Ltd. Uses Our Explosion-proof Intelligent Patrol System Hua-101

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Cargill, The world's largest private holding company, the largest manufacturer of animal nutrition and agricultural products, is one of the world's 4 largest grain and oil capital groups. The partnership between Cargill and China can be traced back to the early 70. Today, Cargill has become an integral part of China, with more than 5,000 employees and 34 wholly-owned subsidiaries and joint ventures. Founded in 1865, Cargill is an experienced supplier of agricultural, food and risk management products and services, and Cargill strives to use its global business experience to contribute to China's ongoing farmers' income and rural development strategy, and is committed to promoting sustainable agricultural development and food safety supply. Cargill helped China achieve its commitment by increasing the efficiency and added value of agricultural production, processing, distribution and trade.

Cargill's business currently includes agricultural services, agricultural trade and processing, food ingredients, finance and industry. Cargill is committed to operating and managing its business with a high degree of business reputation and responsibility. Over the years, Cargill's corporate social responsibility has been committed to supporting sustainable rural development and increasing farmers ' incomes in China. To date, Cargill's agricultural training has benefited more than 2.1 million Chinese farmers, from which they have learned how to use the nutrition, animal feed and feeding techniques of food crops.

In the past fiscal year, Cargill Chinese employees spent more than 17, 000 hours volunteering in the community. Cargill China has also been repeatedly awarded awards for its ongoing efforts in corporate social responsibility, including the "China Citizen Action Leader", the "2008 U.S. State Department Outstanding Enterprise Achievement Award (ACE)", "China Minsheng action Pioneer", "Charity star" title and "Excellent Corporate Citizenship Demonstration Unit".

As a well-known enterprise, the leadership of Cargill company attaches great importance to the safety of production, because safety is the premise and guarantee of the normal operation of an enterprise. Production department related leadership and responsible person require to do regular check and maintenance for boiler and other equipment. However, regular paper check-in attendance patrols can not guarantee the quality of work and motivation of patrol operators. After the introduction and in-depth understanding of our professionals, our intelligent patrol system has been highly recognized by the leadership of the company. In the following time, we provided Cargill with professional explosion-proof patrol system HUA-101 as a trial.

A week later, we received a call from Cargill company and they made a high rating on our system. Our system brought great convenience to the management of the company, so that the management work has entered a new level of scientific and standardized, and the enthusiasm of patrol operators has been greatly improved. Until mid-August 2014, Cargill fully introduced and used our patrol system.

Professional people do professional work, HUA Intelligent Patrol Inspection system, is your trustworthy choice!

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