Explosion-proof Electronic Patrol Is More Waterproof And Shockproof And Durable

Explosion-proof Electronic Patrol Is More Waterproof And Shockproof And Durable

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Explosion-proof electronic patrol is composed of electronic patrol reader, data dpwnloader, information card (cehckpoint card and patrolman tag), English and Chinese management software, additional computer and printer can realize all transmission.

1. electronic patrol reader: storage patrol more record, with a clock, small size, feel good, easy to carry. Patrol inspection by the inspector carry, patrol tour finished, through the communication cable to patrol fruit data collection to the management of the computer.

2. induction data downloader: USB interface, mainly for registering information card (checkpoint and patrolman tag) when the system is installed, and collecting better records into the management computer in normal use.

3. information card (checkpoint and patrolman tag). checkpoint is installed in the place where patrol is needed to mark the name or equipment of the place. It can withstand all kinds of environmental changes, is safe and waterproof, does not need batteries, and has various shapes.

4. management software: it can carry out single transmission (network, remote), process relevant data, manage patrol data and provide detailed patrol report.The management personnel will read the information in the information bar through the management computer, so that they can know the activities of the patrol personnel, including the date and time of the patrol inspection place. Through query analysis and statistics, the purpose of security supervision and assessment can be achieved.

Explosion-proof electronic patrol features

  • Adopt RFID induction card reading technology;
  • Fashion appearance, generous, practical;
  • Manual key reading card, LED liquid crystal display, can record ten data;
  • When the reading is successful, it is prompted by sound and light.
  • Prompt function when data storage is full;
  • Metal shell, waterproof, vibration and low temperature resistant design;
  • RS232/USB communication socket or data cable can be downloaded directly;
  • Safe and reliable, data can be saved for 100 years after power failure.
  • Ultra-low power consumption, low power flow;
  • Non-contact EM chip;

It can be used reliably in rain, snow, ice, dust and other bad conditions.

Patrol more point card for special high sensitivity card, in the guarantee of swiping card distance at the same time, reduce patrol more mechanical and electrical power consumption.

Passive card, more than 20 years old.

Explosion-proof electronic guard patrol system supporting products, engineering plastic packaging memory chip, with waterproof and shockproof durable and so on.

Function, and built-in unmodifiable ID code.Easy to install, fix the product on the patrol line with screws. According to the arrangement of patrol route, fix the product at the necessary place of patrol route without fear of rain and sun.No cable, no power supply, fixed can be used.

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