The Electronic Patrol Market Is Expanding And Becoming More Intelligent

The Electronic Patrol Market Is Expanding And Becoming More Intelligent

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Electronic patrol more system from the 1990s into China, it can be roughly divided into two categories: online patrol more system and offline patrol more system. Online electronic patrol is in a certain range of comprehensive wiring, patrol more device set in a certain patrol more point, patrol more personnel carry information button or information card, according to the scope of the wiring patrol; The manager only needs to see the patrol route of the patrol personnel in the central control room and the time to reach the patrol point; If patrol more personnel accident, did not read the card, the center can quickly check, deal with emergencies.

Because the online system can achieve real-time control, so, in some more strict requirements for patrol or patrol more work has a certain risk of place, are more suitable for the use of online system. In addition, in the area with more access control points or management areas, combined with access control wiring, can also use online patrol system.

However, its disadvantages are large construction quantity, high cost, easy to be affected by temperature, humidity, wiring range, installation and maintenance is more troublesome, and for the already decorated buildings, it is difficult to reconfigure; In addition, transmission lines installed outdoors are also vulnerable to man-made damage.

In view of the above shortcomings of the online patrol system, by the mid to late 1990s, some manufacturers introduced the offline patrol system. Compared with the online mode, this mode has the advantages of being easy to carry, no wiring, simple installation, not affected by temperature and humidity, and not easy to be damaged, which solves the problem of expensive investment, and the system expansion and circuit change are easier to realize. Once the product is promoted, it is very popular with users. At present, offline patrol has become the mainstream product in the domestic market, occupying about 90% of the market share. Offline patrol system is divided into contact and induction type two. Nowadays, consumers in the market value more intelligent functions of electronic patrol products.

The market is expanding

Electronic patrol system because of the late start, the early development is not too standard, to agents and distributors of technical and financial strength is not high, so the entry barriers of the whole industry is relatively low, more new entrants. At the same time, due to the systematic upgrading and the flexibility of the management, many small investment and scale enterprises have gathered in this industry. However, since the market has gone through a baptism and the survival of the fittest for over a decade, most of the enterprises that survived have gone through 100 battles. Electronic patrol more products with the development of the market and constantly improve the technology, can meet more different areas of customer demand.

At present, patrol more machine market is developing to depth and breadth. Driven by the real estate industry, communities, hotels, streets, etc. attach great importance to patrol work. Some areas that have not been equipped with patrol system in the past also begin to supervise the security work through patrol system. With the government's attention and investment, electronic patrol more products will be more and more popular, to provide security for the people live and work in peace and contentment; On the other hand, all walks of life, such as post office, airport, railway, grain depot, army, oil field, factory, bank, museum also began to use more patrol inspection system to strengthen safety management. Patrolling machine equipment - table, gas, gas monitoring and other new function can effectively help patrol personnel to simplify the operation process, and provide scientific and accurate data as the basis.

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