Introduce The Advantages Of Electronic Patrol From Various Aspects

Introduce The Advantages Of Electronic Patrol From Various Aspects

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1. Electronic patrol is more alloy shell, strong and durable, with working status prompt function
2. Three-point contact, more stable data transmission.
3. Built-in 232 conversion and light tube driver chip
4. Data reading and transmission are safe and reliable
5. Data will not be lost when power failure or communication line interruption occurs during transmission
6. The work process can be displayed through three indicator lights on the panel
7. Adopt RFID induction card reading technology;
8. Fashion appearance, generous, practical, LED display time display;
9. Automatic card reading, no buttons required;
10. When reading successfully, there will be LED display screen, sound and light prompt;
11. Prompt function when data storage is full;
12. Metal shell, waterproof, vibration and low temperature resistant design;
13. RS232/USB communication socket or data cable can be downloaded directly;
14. Safe and reliable, data can be saved for 100 years after power failure.
15. Electronic patrol more ultra-low power consumption, low power flow;
16. Battery life more than 1 year (normal card reading 300 times per day).

Electronic patrol more use LCD digital display, can display time, card number, events, Numbers and other information, suitable for more complex applications, through the liquid crystal display can get the relevant information immediately.

Electronic patrol has cancelled the liquid crystal, the working temperature range is wider (-40℃ to 70℃) sturdiness is better, suitable for cold and harsh use environment.Bp-2002b low-temperature type is widely used in patrol inspection system, especially in northern region.

Electronic guard patrol series shell treatment has two methods: electroplating treatment, plastic spray treatment, in addition to the appearance of differences, all kinds of performance indicators are identical.Plating type has high quality appearance.Spray type impact resistance, spray layer does not fall off, feel better.

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