Electronic Guard Tour System

Electronic Guard Tour System

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Follow the development of the economy, the electronic patrolling products have been from a unknown security products, gradually deepened the yield, the days of our various aspects, such as we have further know of petrol products, market to expand year by year, petrol products from stores to its early into the rapid launch phase, measure a few years will enter the explosive growth in the future.

Electronic patrol system is a very strange product. Technically speaking, four generations of the same generation of products are sold together, leaving users at a loss; Now the user has begun to patrol the role of more products know, but because guard patrol products in the security engineering proportion is relatively small, engineering business did not give satisfactory attention. Other manufacturers in the product publicity is generally focused on its product function advantage to explain, so the engineering company in the selection can also not quite understand the characteristics of each type of patrol more products and product stability and repair rate, buy some random or trust some manufacturers do not assume the responsibility of marketing promise.

Patrol more product although small, but if the choice is improper, can cause a project to delay, cannot examine in time, project money is collected difficulty, sell hind effect force to wait for a lot of doubt greatly, also cannot take lightly so. In particular, the defect rate and stability of the product, will be on the project business attack incalculable intangible loss and effectiveness cost.

First, electronic patrolling is attributed to the electronic products, electronic products, has its own characteristics different from other products, glass, for example, when users buy knew the cup is in doubt, the cup once users buy, can not attack after-sale questions. And different from general traditional electronics products, trust readers use in common days and buy computers, cell phones and other electronic products experience, tour products and other electronic products, more users in addition to its function, the function and appearance of need, also should have its drawback rate and safe sex have more severe.

Second, electronic guard patrol products at the time of the mall status. Although patrol more system sellers many, but the current domestic market on the primary guard patrol system does not exceed 20 kinds, one can count on one's hands, but the famous manufacturers patrol more product its defect rate and stability may not be very good.

The author is engaged in the electronic patrolling industry has nearly 10 years, in charge of as and appreciate that many large tour more engineering, many well known or unknown tour more factory tour project is the name of a "standby rate", that is to say, such as user great internship need 100 tour, but practice is bought from 120 to 150 tour better, here in addition to the elements of business, there is a very important factor is the tour more manufacturers very understand their tour products safe sex and defect rate, requires the user to buy over 20% or 50% more spare products to support the question product repair maintenance attack by the space-time effect.

Guard Patrol product defect rate and stability is the extreme trade secret of each manufacturer, I advocate each reader not to ask manufacturers about the defect rate and stability of their products, because manufacturers must say no doubt, and you must be very skeptical.

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