Chengdu Pacific Cinema Used Hua Guard Tour System

Chengdu Pacific Cinema Used Hua Guard Tour System

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Chengdu Pacific Cinema is a film company in Sichuan province wholly-owned studios, a Pacific cinema line of its cinemas, the film was founded in December 1992, is now 17 years of history, the cumulative box office income of 260 million yuan, reception audience over more than 20 million. Since the establishment of the film has invested more than 30 million yuan, after several renovation, so that the film always lead the fashion trend of the movie.

Chengdu Pacific Cinema upgrade security management

As a highly intensive site, once fire, theater is very easy to lead to the death of groups of people injured or caused significant economic losses.
To strengthen safety management, to ensure that no fire occur, Chengdu Pacific Theatre West Village store, Nordic shop, Chunxi shop introduced HUA electronic guard tour system, improve the management of the theater patrol through the Civil air defense and technology.
Set up patrol route through guard tour system, patrolman go to patrol according to plan to ensure the safe and effective operation of cinemas, so that all visitors to the theater can enjoy a pleasant comfortable viewing experience

Using situation

1. Take the safety of personnel, fire safety, health and epidemic prevention into consideration, effectively prevent theft and loss.

2. Observe the operation of the equipment, once found abnormal in use, immediately contact the maintenance personnel, as soon as possible trouble clearing.

3. Real-time arrangements for all types of video overhaul work, nip in the bud, to ensure that the operation of normal deployment.

4. Ensure the orderly exit of the audience, avoid the phenomenon of the series hall.

5. Check all kinds of lighting fixtures and electrical equipment shutdown.

6. Check the status of each position to confirm that the equipment in the screening room is intact and normal operation.

7. Inspection of the cinema’s clean and hygienic situation, to create a comfortable viewing environment for customers.

8. Reasonable arrangement on duty patrol route and work plan, pay attention to the connection of high and low peak period, complete the target of shift.

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