What is the best rfid guard tour system?

What is the best rfid guard tour system?

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best rfid guard tour system
Security guards are people who directly do patrol work. They always face bad and unexpected situations at work. In particular, patrolling at warehouses and factories where there are many goods is more and more problems of security incidents. Therefore, to ensure that security guards operate well and fulfill their corporate responsibilities, they should equip security guards with best rfid guard tour system.

1. Remote best rfid guard tour system

Patrols at warehouses, factories, and factories with a lot of equipment and goods, especially when the security guards patrol at night shifts, the more dangerous the nature is.

Therefore, in addition to wearing protective clothing as prescribed, carrying a walkie-talkie is indispensable for any employee. The walkie-talkie helps the security guard to contact the manager to report the situation. They can call for emergency assistance when a bad situation occurs.

At the same time, when carrying best rfid guard tour system, you can easily receive instructions from managers and colleagues. You can do this in close proximity. Moreover, it is to capture timely situational information and quickly make optimal decisions best.

Before patrolling at the factory warehouse, the security guard should check the walkie-talkie to ensure that the device is still working effectively, has adequate antennas, full or low battery to take timely action.

2. Electric gun as best rfid guard tour system

In addition to targets such as banks, hotels, warehouses, factories and sensitive places where robberies often occur, it is essential to equip security guards with best rfid guard tour system.

Warehouse is a place to store a lot of goods, equipment and supplies, even export goods. There are many crooks and robbers looking. In this case, the security guard will be the person to directly ensure the safety of the warehouse, ensuring that no loss occurs.

Therefore, in emergency situations, guards can use stun guns. It is good to paralyze the opponent, facilitating easy control. Moreover, you can capture dangerous objects without causing murder and also a way to defend yourself.

  1. Electric baton

Previously, only the police security department was used, but now professional security guards are also equipped to ensure safety when on duty.

In some important cases where looting occurs, protection will provide by the company with electric batons. In factory warehouses, in addition to walkie-talkies, flashlights, costumes, if equipped with electric batons, are also necessary auxiliary equipment.

The best rfid guard tour system is an important support tool. It is to help improve the ability to control the bad guys. In the case of patrol at night when directly facing the dangerous object, the guard can use the electric baton. Moreover, it is to ensure security does not affect the target of protection.

Electric batons are highly lethal, causing danger to life, so before using protection, they must be carefully instructed, not to be abused for personal purposes.

4. Online best rfid guard tour system

The patrol process at the factory warehouse should be safe and secure. The use of the best rfid guard tour system is something very crucial.

Online security patrol machine is a modern and advanced device. Similarly, it provides maximum support for managers and security guards during patrolling.

The device comes to be compact, easy to use, and uncomplicated, suitable in the warehouse environment. During patrol, security guards only need to carry a patrol machine.

This can ensure all activities carry out safely and effectively without the need to equip many devices such as walkie-talkies, papers, procedures are different.

Unique features of best rfid guard tour system:

  • Remind security guards to patrol according to a pre-set schedule
  • Security easily recognizes problems arising at the target
  • In case of falling, or detecting an impact, the device will send an SOS signal for help]
  • Can be used to call management whenever needed without having to equip additional walkie-talkies.
  • The device records the patrol route of the guard accurately and transmits it to the manager in real time.
  • Patrol machine connected with Huaguard software for online monitoring of guard patrol activities right on mobile
  • Securely record and store patrol data so it's ready to look up anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it, without having to manually dump data.

Different from traditional patrol devices on the market, best rfid guard tour system connects with Huaguard software.  This helps managers monitor all activities of security guards. Just install the application, all activities during the patrol of the guard will be sent to the Mobile and Website of the manager:

Monitor the situation of troops at the target:

Manage the situation of the number of troops present at each target, personnel changes, patrolling, non-patrolling staff, etc.

best rfid guard tour system 2022

Receipt of arising problems: Managers easily receive problems arising during patrolling of security guards through Huaguard software. Heads of security and departments easily receive and take timely handling measures.

Data output and reporting system: Managers no longer have to manually dump data, convenient in rendering visual reports. At the same time, it is possible to look up the activity history at the previous goals for each employee.

At present, supermarkets, buildings, industrial parks, factories are springing up more and more with thousands of people and workers gathering to live and work, so it is easy to lose money. Security, safety, fire and this is also the target of thieves. Therefore, it is necessary to have a security guard to ensure a safe living and working environment for everyone.

Best Supportive Patrolling Equipment

In order to ensure the safety of all targets, in addition to effective supporting equipment such as cameras and walkie-talkies, people play a key role. So, what professional skills and expertise do businesses need to equip their security guards with? The following article will be a right suggestion for you!

Best rfid guard tour system is an important tool that any security guard must have. When assigned a certain task, the security guard not only stands still and observes, but also has to move around to ensure that there are no problems or incidents that may cause harm or affect the target of protection guard.


In particular, for security patrols in the areas of factories and factories, many equipment and goods are not only thoroughly checked, but also must have the ability to be sensitive, good judgment to timely detect problems. Moreover, it has a quick way to handle situations when problems arise. At the same time, equip yourself with necessary items during patrol such as flashlights, phones, security patrol machines, etc.

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