Best RFID Guard Tour System In 2022: Features

Best RFID Guard Tour System In 2022: Features

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Best RFID Guard Tour System In 2022
Security patrol surveillance is an indispensable job for businesses. To do this better, it is not enough to apply the traditional patrol method. It is necessary to look to a smart and comprehensive solution like Best RFID guard tour system in 2022 to help businesses increase productivity and reduce operating costs.

Mobile security patrol monitoring is the perfect solution for businesses with security teams. With just a mobile phone with HUAGUARD software installed. Moreover, managers can monitor and patrol all activities of security guards at the target anytime, anywhere.

How do security guards patrol by mobile phone?

Simple setup, not too many operations with just a few basic instructions, security guards from young to middle-aged can easily use with the following basic steps:

Step 1: When it's time to patrol, click the patrol command button

Step 2: Click on the start button to perform the patrol

3: Take a photo to confirm the Best RFID guard tour system in 2022

Step 4: Click on the patrol command button to patrol according to QR Code

Step 5: Scan the QR Code to confirm the point to be checked

6: Record the problem at the patrol point (if any)

Step 7: Continue patrol until the last patrol point and click finish

Step 8: You can check the results of the patrol right on your phone

How does the manager supervise the patrolling activities?

It is a kind of online monitoring of all patrolling activities of security guards. Managers anywhere can know whether all activities of security guards are seriously implemented or not? It answers following questions:

  • Patrolling points
  • Employees performance

Monitor patrol activities of security guards by mobile phone

The Best RFID guard tour system in 2022 and mobile application records the patrol route, patrol route and frequency of performance of security guards accurately using GPS technology. From here, managers can make assessments about the operation process or easily rotate employees to different targets when needed.

Security patrol monitoring on Web interface

With the HUAGUARD, managers can easily receive all problems and problems arising during the patrol of security guards on both Web and Mobile. From here, based on the actual situation, give timely support to security guards.

Receiving problems at the patrol point through Web application

Get instant alerts when the Guard skips a turn, skips a patrol point: Using Best RFID guard tour system in 2022, all location information is updated accurately. Moreover, security guards leaving the target, leaving the patrol point immediately will have a warning message on the manager's mobile phone.

In case the removal of patrol points leads to theft or damage to property, the manager can easily investigate the responsibility and evaluate the employee's working attitude.

Get instant warning when Guard skips turn, skips patrol points


Look up past patrol history at the target: With HUAGUARD software, managers can easily look up past patrol history information at the target through Mobile and Web applications. All information automatically renders accurately and in detail from routes, patrol history to incidents.

Moreover, looking at Best RFID guard tour system in 2022, the manager can assess the current status of the goals, what problems have solved and not solved, and then suggest ways to overcome.

Look up the patrol log at the target

Automatic report output: With the automatic report output feature, HUAGUARD helps the business' administrative and accounting team save time on payroll. All statistics are accurate, limiting errors to ensure objectivity in work.

Advantages of mobile protection patrol monitoring method

  • Real-time monitoring of guard patrols at the target area
  • Record and store patrol data for lookup anytime, anywhere when needed, without having to wait for manual data to dump and aggregate.
  • Accurate reportby Best RFID guard tour system in 2022 rendering helps managers easily monitor the entire patrol process of security guards. Administration - Accounting team easily make payroll for employees.

With the advantages and advantages of technology, Mobile Security Patrol Monitoring with HUAGUARD brings many benefits to businesses. The solution aims at quick convenience, optimizing time and operating costs, and improving work efficiency.

HUAGUARD'S reporting system updates continuously in real time, managers can monitor anywhere, anytime without manual data dumps and self-aggregation like traditional solutions other system. HUAGUARD's guard patrol monitoring report helps managers answer the following questions:

Is there any problem in best RFID guard tour system in 2022?

Monitor location, working time and activity of security guards on GPS digital map. This report helps managers know what the current number of troops at each target is. Which security is actually working?

Thus, wherever they are, even though there are security guards scattered at factories and warehouses across the country, managers always know exactly the security situation.
Best RFID Guard Tour System In 2022 best

Target patrol report with guard tour system

Provide an overview report on the plan and actual implementation of patrol activities at each patrol point. Here, the manager can quickly see the situation of patrolling with the required number of turns? How many times is each patrol point Best RFID guard tour system in 2022 in each time frame?

Blue is the number of planned patrols, purple is the number of unplanned patrols, and red schedules patrols but no patrols. By displaying the results of patrolling according to the plan, the manager can accurately grasp the patrol performance of the security team every day, every hour. Avoid fraud, timekeeping protection is done.

Provide detailed information on patrol log every day at each patrol route: number of times performed, time of implementation. The guard's patrol route displays in detail on the GPS digital map.

Best RFID guard tour system in 2022: report the problem

Any protection issues detected during patrolling will record and aggregate into a real-time report. Managers can immediately receive problem information via mobile or web app, thereby providing timely support.

With patrol by mobile phone, security guards will only need to scan at patrol points with QR code pre-affixed, recording the time and location of patrol. With just a smartphone, employees can also record any problems that arise, detect incidents, or take pictures and the system will send reports immediately to the commander and supervisor.

It's great when information provides quickly for managers and supervisors to take timely handling and remedial measures. All of the above shows that applying technology has many advantages over traditional methods. The most important advantages are efficiency, simplicity, usability and the problem of easy accountability.

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