Benefits of Active Track Guard Patrol System

Benefits of Active Track Guard Patrol System


A Detailed Guide about Guard Patrol System 

In this era of rapid development, it is essential to keep your business safe from all kinds of threats. For this purpose, several companies or businesses resort to hiring security guards. Active Track Guard patrol system can help you in achieving this goal more efficiently. With their advanced GPS feature, you will never lose track of your guards’ locations again.

This technology is taking the world of security services by storm. By combining several features in one hand-held device, it is fulfilling all of your guard patrol needs. Being used with a cloud-based guard patrol system, they are extremely helpful to both companies and security guards alike.

In this age of rapid modernization, people are finding newer and innovative ways of sabotage. As with all things, technological advancements have brought not only benefits but drawbacks as well. They help criminals in carrying out heinous acts, such as destroying someone’s property. Obtaining an Active Track Monitoring system for your company will help you tackle this very problem and many more.

Knowing that your company is safe and secure can work wonders for you. This would allow it to resume its operations without any expected problems. You would then have to only pay attention to other areas of your business’s needs. This would help you in leading it to success!

So, let’s explore a few reasons because of which Active Track Guard Monitoring Services are gaining increasing popularity nowadays.

Guard patrol system

Guard patrol system brings Effective Communication

Radio or call communication facilities are present in these Active Track hand-held devices. Some devices might even host GSM calling facilities, with the option to insert a small sim card. Otherwise, the only requirement is an active internet connection through any source.

Whatever the option might be, these handy devices allow for efficient communication between the security guards and their supervisors. All they need to do is press a button that will notify their superiors that the guard is requesting a call. This can be especially helpful in cases when a guard wants to notify its superior of any abnormality or suspicious disturbance. Some systems even allow their guards to have the feature to make calls to the administration. All this would pave the way for a well-secured guard patrol system.

When the patrol of a smaller area has to take place, radio systems step in. The Active Track guard monitoring device can be made to house a radio facility, just like walkie-talkies. This would cut down on additional expenditures of sim cards and would thus save finances in your budget.

Real-Time Tracking

The Active Track guard patrol systems house a top-class GPS facility in their devices. This will help you to easily pinpoint the exact location of your guards, regardless of wherever they are.

The only prerequisite is a working internet connection, which can be found almost everywhere nowadays. Thus, you would not have to worry about your guard’s whereabouts as you could easily monitor them on-demand.

This would help in not only monitoring the worker’s patrols but also in marking their attendance. The recognition of any guard that decided to stay home would be immediate, as his device was found to be off premises. Hence, the formation of an efficient guard patrol system would be imminent, one without any shortcomings.

Live Alerts

Having been equipped with GPS technology, the Active Track system will alert you if any guard misses a checkpoint. This is quite effective in picking out unusual abnormalities in patrols, especially because the system does it automatically.

All you need to do is enter the guard’s patrol route once into the Active Track guard patrol system. It will then automatically detect if any guard has done an irregular patrol or missed a pivotal spot to visit. This will help to identify those guards that are lazy in their patrols.

Not only this, but live alerts can also aid in the “geofencing” process. Geofencing is the practice of a geographical area being preset for the Active Track patrol monitoring devices.

Whenever a device would exit that area, an alert would automatically be sent to its withholder’s supervisor, who would then act accordingly. All these details are immediately uploaded to an external server, helping keep records. Whenever the administration deems necessary, it can then access these files.

The Live Alerts feature also plays its part in giving “proof of presence”. Whenever a guard is on break or remains stationary for long, the device will beep after a set time. This beep will be to indicate to him that he needs to move. In case a guard ignores the beeps, an alert will be automatically sent to his superiors. They would then handle this problem accordingly.

Thus, the resulting guard patrol system would be foolproof and therefore even more secure.

Panic Calls

When we boast that the Active Track guard monitoring system is state-of-the-art, we aren’t kidding. Each handheld device comes with a built-in button for “panic calls”. Guards are to press these only in case of emergencies when the requirement is of immediate assistance.

It is also known as the “man down” button in many places. What it does is that upon pressing, it sends an automatic SOS notification to the administration. They can then deal with the threat accordingly. This is usually kept as a last-resort button that a guard presses only in cases of utmost need.

The need may be a security one to the premises or even a medical one to the guard’s own self. Whatever the problem, the panic button is just a push away. This will allow you to get an alert instantly with the device’s accurate location. Thus, you could timely respond to the problem and maybe avert a potential crisis. Therefore, the Active Track guard patrol monitoring system is essential for your business’s consistent well-being.

RFID Facility (Radio Frequency Identification)

These systems are host to RFID tags that are placed inside each device. If a company wishes, they can place RFID readers at each of their checkpoints. Thus, whenever a guard passes a checkpoint, they will have to scan their device’s tag at the reader. This will automatically mark their presence there, allowing them to continue with their patrols.

Although this might seem an outdated idea, in reality, it is one of the most accurate methods to exist. As one can not always check their guards through GPS at all times, RFID acts as an alternative to that.

All guards have to physically scan their tags to mark their patrol attendance. This will help to create a more efficient guard patrol system that has no chances of being bypassed.

Online Access to details

To make the process of administration easier, the Active Track devices all transmit data to an external server periodically. This allows the guard’s superiors to check their details at whatever time he may want, from wherever he wants. These details can include a guard’s current position, his previous patrol route, and the time he visited the last checkpoint.

This paves the way for a remote operation that opens up various possibilities to the administrative officers. They can perform look over the guard patrol systems from their homes even when they’re on holiday.

The only requirement to access this data would be an Internet connection, along with authority to access the desired information. This would allow for a remote operation to take place without any difficulties.

Sabotage Detection

As said previously, the Active Track Guard Monitoring systems house modern and up-to-date technology. This includes several types of sensors that will detect if any harm is to come to the device.

To allow for an efficient guard patrol system, the device is host to accurate shock sensors. Once these sensors feel any pressure that may harm the device, they automatically notify the administration. Thus, any potential loss has the chance to be timely averted.

This technology can help to disarm any attempts to destroy the device. In case a guard or anyone tries to open the device and tamper with its contents, his superiors will receive an alert. The same will happen for any potential mechanical harm that the device may automatically detect. This is all done to aim for a durable and infallible device. This is also why our devices are made waterproof, in case someone accidentally decides to go for a swim!

Budget Control

The Active Track system is simply a one-time investment for your guard patrol system’s needs. That’s just one of the many ways it saves you money.

One major benefit that this provides to the guard patrol system is automation. By utilizing the latest telecommunication and tracking technology, this device helps to automate your work. Automation helps to not only make your work faster and simpler but also reduces your expenditures significantly. This is because of reduced manual work.

Therefore, obtaining the Active Track Guard Monitoring System for your company will only be a one-time investment. However, this investment gets you guaranteed multiplied returns.

Multiple Access

The Active Track monitoring devices have been made in a way that they send all information to an external server. In addition to this, live information is also provided whenever deemed necessary. However, one thing that is unique to this system is that several people can access this information at once.

What this means is that, at the same time one supervisor is viewing some information, another can be viewing the same details.

Also, certain employees can gain access to only certain information by changing programming at the backend. This is, of course, because of companies following the basis of hierarchy. This will ensure that no one gets access to more information than they need to receive. Not only will this help to secure the company’s confidentiality of data but will also help prevent its unauthorized access.

Better Security & Peace of Mind

The extent of efficiency provided by the Active Track guard monitoring services will lead to better security for your company. All the aforementioned benefits simply prove this system’s worth, and what advantages it can yield to your company.

In addition to the guard patrol system improving as a whole, the guards will become more effective as well. This change will come as a result of the newly instilled fear of accountability in them. As the tracking of their activities will be in their knowledge, they will act more vigilantly. This will lead to better results for the security of your business.

Once you will have the reassurance that your guards are doing their job, you will finally have peace of mind. This peace of mind is usually extremely difficult to attain using conventional methods of security. In them, one has to wait for an unforeseen event to occur to see the system’s shortcomings. However, through the advanced methods that the Active Track system uses, you can leave all your worries behind.

Having accurate and up-to-date information about the whereabouts and activities of all your guards, you will finally be at peace. This very peace will thus help you to focus on other areas of your business that might deserve your attention. This, in turn, will help your business to function even more efficiently leading it to prosper!

Final Words - Guard Patrol System

Gaining an Active Track Guard Monitoring system makes a lot of sense if you consider its aforementioned benefits. It provides you with an efficient guard patrol system that has no room for any failure. In addition to this, it is a system that is extremely easy to understand and use. Even people with no know-how of the ABCs of technology can gain a rapid understanding of how this system works. In essence, Active Track Guard Monitoring technology is the way forward in the world of security services. Gaining access to it would not only yield financial benefits to your company but would also make it safe and secure from all directions!

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