Application Of Safety Guard Inspection Management In New Tianyuan Merchandise’s Stage

Application Of Safety Guard Inspection Management In New Tianyuan Merchandise’s Stage

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Founded on December 31th 2009, is located in the Federal Oriental Pearl Project, Shijiazhuang municipal government vice Mayor Zhang Jingqui, vice director of the City People's Congress Wang Zhenglian, vice chairman of the municipal CPPCC Zhu Zhanhai, the Municipal People's Congress secretary general Wang Zhiyong, Yuhua District district Secretary Zhao Hongkui and other related leaders as well as federal Real Estate Group executive Vice general manager Gao Huisen, Tianyuan Development company chairman Yang Lixin, general manager Wu and so on attended the opening ceremony.

The leaders of the city attended the ceremony pointed out: the opening of the Oriental Pearl New Tianyuan Merchandise’s stage will have a positive and important impact on the prosperity of the city's trade and services industry and the construction of important commercial ports in north China.

On September 9, 2010, We set up a North China branch in Shijiazhuang, Solid Inspection Management system HUA-101T was used in Shijiazhuang New Tianyuan Merchandise’s stage Oriental Pearl Store on November 16, 2010, successfully resolved the problem of security personnel regular clocking in fixed-point and fixed place, Its successful application is a major breakthrough to the traditional safety inspection mode in the past. The inspection management system is composed of patrol device, checkpoint, data downloader and management software. The device is with light indication when reading, unique seal design make the device waterproof, anti-dust, anti-fall, anti-pressure, anti-flow, anti-lightning, anti-static and other protection measures, especially suitable for the actual field work needs.

As a collection device for the basic data of the inspection area, the inspectors inspect the prescribed lines within the stipulated time according to the inspection plan, and quickly read the data information in the detector into the computer archive through the management system within the computer, which is readily available for management personnel to analyze, process, count, make reports, etc. Realize the organic combination of safety inspection and data admission, replace the original manual processing process, realize data sharing, provide reliable and real data resources for safety management, equipment safety hidden trouble and rectification, and ensure the safe, reliable and stable operation of the whole mall.

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