Application Case Of Safety Inspection Management At Shatangbu School In Shenzhen

Application Case Of Safety Inspection Management At Shatangbu School In Shenzhen

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Safety is a social topic, is related to the public topic of the whole people, and campus security, social harmony and stability has a great impact, can be said to involve every family. With the frequent occurrence of various security incidents, campus security has been paid great attention by the whole society. How to let school administrators at any time and any place to fully grasp the security dynamics in the jurisdiction, do a good job in security management, around this important theme, HUA launched a mobile Internet-based campus security inspection management comprehensive solution, has become an important means for the school to improve security management capacity and efficiency.

In order to realize the standardization, scientific and dataization of the school safety inspection management work, so that school administrators can be very clear through the inspection management system to achieve the supervision of the inspection status of inspectors, managers can view the inspection of inspectors through the way of data query, through the system software to analyze the data transmitted back, processing , statistics, production of reports. Shenzhen Shatangbu School introduced HUA GPS intelligent guard tour system.

Using situation

According to the physical situation of the campus, the university arranges patrol points in important locations such as offices, laboratories, corridors and fire escapes, and makes inspection plans through system management, defines inspection lines and patrol personnel. Patrol personnel in accordance with the set time, line inspection, in the inspection process, the data will be uploaded to the server in real time. Provide handwriting entry function, will be found on-site problems, video, audio recording and other multimedia records, and real-time upload to the management background, and through Text messages, email, WeChat and other forms of timely notification of the corresponding managers.

Through the intelligent inspection management system for the campus safety inspectors to achieve a unified management, and inspection data for real-time processing and analysis, reduce the manual compilation of data caused by the waste of time; To ensure the smooth flow of the campus security channels, timely clean up the violation of the littering items, found hidden dangers and timely treatment. Do prevent problems in the non-burning, timely elimination of hidden dangers!

Applied product

Gps fingerprint guard tour device


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