An Insight to Guard Patrol in China

An Insight to Guard Patrol in China

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The Guard Patrol in China

There are innumerable reasons to appoint a Guard patrol in China. But the most important one is security. Usually, different companies hire other firms to fulfill their security and protection needs. The job of a Guard patrol in China is to ensure that the safety of their guarding vicinity remains intact.

A Guard patrol in China has to work vigilantly and keep an eye for safety hazards. Their job description involves patrolling the area at different time intervals to ensure the safety and prevention of any untoward event. During this patrolling, they need to determine and comprehend if there are any suspicious activities happening around, record them, and take necessary action.

Sometimes it even involves keeping the machinery in check for any altering behaviors like temperature change or any abnormal production. For this purpose, it is vital to use a proper guard tour system that supports and enhances the output.

Guard patrol in china

Understanding the Guard Patrol in China

A Guard tour is very important in checking the area around the facility in an efficient way. It allows the company to keep checking the vicinity at close intervals at all times. The idea is to place a guard tour at each and every important nook of the facility so that it is under scrutiny for any abnormal or uncertain behavior.

Most of the time, guard work is not under supervision. Usually, the guards choose to stay in their place and skip patrolling by just looking at the security cameras. This way they shirk their duties. Even if they are doing the patrolling, they might skip some tricky locations around the facility that may involve steps or have poor lighting.

This is where the guard tour plays a vital role. Its design specializes in recording the patrolling activity done by security guards. It ensures that guards are making their rounds around the facility and not evading any patrolling point by covering all the area.

The guard patrolling system majorly handles dual difficulties that may cause problems for the company. Firstly, it allows the guards to know that their activities are being recorded thus; they work with diligence and compassion. Secondly, the guard tour records all the activities otherwise and during the patrolling without missing even the minor details.   It allows the company to evaluate its surroundings for many factors like security, possible glitches, and much more.

Types of Guard Patrol in China

There are three types of guard tour systems commonly known as Watchman’s Clock System, Electronic Guard Tour System, and Integrated Guard Tour System. is providing feasible solutions in the form of different types of guard tour systems. The following descriptions will help understand each system for a better insight.

The Watchman’s Clock System Guard Patrol in China

These are the most ancient ways of guard patrolling systems in China. It is underuse since the 19th century. Its design consists of a rounded device that has an analog clock on its surface and a spherical paper knob with 24 hours published on it. It is portable in nature such that the security officer can carry it around while patrolling.

When using Watchman’s Clock System each important location in the facility has a key station. These key stations house a key that has a unique number on it. When the guard starts the patrolling and reaches a specific checkpoint, he inserts the paper in the key station which allows the key to print its number on the paper. This marking on the paper shows that the guard has patrolled there in real-time.

It is by far the cheapest way of recording guard patrolling. Moreover, it is easy and to use and the simplicity of design allows the user to understand it within minutes. Although it has these advantages to its name, there are a few drawbacks of using this design.

There is a limit to the number of key stations that can be installed. It needs new paper after every 24 hours. Since it is manual, there is no automation and evaluation for judging any abnormality happening around the vicinity.

The Electronic Guard Tour System Guard Patrol in China

As the name suggests, an Electronic Guard Tour System has the same functionality as a watchman’s clock system but skipping all the mechanical parts. Rather than using mechanical parts, the electronic guard system incorporates electronic components.

This electronically records the evidence of a security guard patrolling by using a wand. This wand can vary in shape and mostly resembles a pen that remains with the security guard. At each checkpoint, the guard uses that electronic wand and scans it.

This electronically records the time at which the wand scans indicating the presence of a patrolling guard. Furthermore, most electronic guard tour systems allow the guards to record any irregular activity happening at that particular checkpoint.


The Integrated Guard Tour System Guard Patrol in China

An integrated guard tour system is basically an amalgamation of electronic cards, alarm monitors, CCTV monitoring, and guard tour systems. This beautifully weaves the security systems with the patrolling systems.

This particular system makes use of card readers that are usually of many facilities in order to keep a check and balance. It allows the guard to perform the dual duty of keeping the security in check all the while patrolling the surrounding area. This is an error-free way of keeping up with the latest technology. It even provides in-depth analysis and reports for further scrutiny.


The Guard patrolling system is not very complex thus; they are easy to use at different locations. There are many advantages of using a proper guard tour system. The three different types of patrolling systems allow the user to choose one that is most suitable for their facility. It is highly recommended in order to maintain a safe and secure environment. Moreover, it records unlikely activities and makes sure that the guards are doing their duty as is the requirement. It further facilitates in providing a thorough database of all the activities happening around the facility.


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