Advantages of Security Guard Tour System

Advantages of Security Guard Tour System

Advantages of utilizing Security Guard Tour System in 2021

If you don’t want to compromise your industry or company security or want to make your security guards more productive and accountable then your first preference should be Security Guard Tour System.

These days Security Guard Tour System wide usage has been seen by property managers, factories, and hospitals.

Though the technology has been extremely advance but the two main types of Security Guard Tour System is Wand tour system & Cloud tour system.

These days’ people don’t rely on wand tour system because it comes into being by using oldest technology. This technology is dependent on handheld device. When it comes to Cloud tour system it is more advance and made by using latest technology. This type depends on the cloud technology and mobile.

Though the function of both types is almost same, both are responsible to record the activities of security guards. Both is responsible to verify that each security guard is performing its duty or making his tour on time or not.

Utilizing Cloud tour system is very easy because of its user friendly interface, you just need to design a route with check points that guards needs to stop at.

The better you design the routes the better you can investigate and keep an eye. By making use of it security guards real time events will be recorded, SOS alerts can be sending easily.

Best thing about cloud based Security Guard Tour System is that there will be no need to store the software in the PC. Each information will be storing automatically in the cloud.

Benefits of Cloud based Security Guard Tour System

There are lots of higher enterprises that want to secure their assets from threats or theft activities then for such enterprises Security Guard Tour System is simply perfect. Click here to know about a brief intro about Security Guard Tour System.

Advantages of Security Guard Tour System that you may have not known

Simple and Convenient

The very first advantage of Security Guard  System is that there will no longer needs of notebooks as well as paper trails.

Security guards can make use of their smartphones and can scan the check points. All the information will automatically store in the cloud interface. Security Guard  System has made the work of security guards more convenient and simple because now they don’t have to keep the heavy notebooks with themselves. Simply keep smartphones and manage all your tasks.

Improvement in Accountability

The second most advantage of using cloud Security Guard System is that it stores all the information with 100% accuracy. You can observe the security guards exact timings at which security guards start his tour, at which time patrol scan complete or whether the report submitted on time or not. This will motivate the guards to become more responsible on their duty because each and every activity of guards is being recorded.

The fear of being caught will make them more responsible and punctual. You can even spot the missed check points and can take action against them. Doing this will make them more productive. It’s another plus point is that you can verify guards tours and track their activities from anywhere in the world. Does not matter whatever the location you are, you can operate everything in your smartphone.

So if you want to make your security patrol system effective then utilize this amazing Security Guard Tour System as soon as possible.


As we have already explained that Wand tour system comes in to being by using oldest technology so by making use of it security guards have to go through a rough process whenever they go through a check point they need to use a pen or paper or sometimes they need to pass by a camera.

But when it comes to cloud based Security Guard Tour System then security guards needs to report everything via smartphones.

There will be no need to put any effort everything will be submit automatically to manager or owner. So this way cloud based Security Guard Tour System has made the life of guards easier and convenient.

Real Time Tracking

Most important benefit of utilizing cloud based Security Guard Tour System is that it comes up with real time tracking. As we all know that lack of access to real time data can be very annoying. It can create lot of troubles for security companies. But by making use of cloud tour system one can easily see patrolling reports and guard activities in real time.


Last but one of the most important advantages is its affordable prices. Yes it is 100% true that if you start executing a guard patrolling system manually then you have to put a huge budget on their inspection. Not only money but you have to invest your time and effort as well so if you want to save your money, effort and time then we recommend you highly to invest into cloud tour system just one time and start taking advantage from it for the life time.

If you operate the staff manually then there might be a possibility that you have to do few repetitive admin tasks.  Even you have to do few additional inspections in order to gain 100% accuracy. But when it comes to cloud tour system then accuracy and accountability is 100%.

Have a relaxing life

Security guard tour system

Yes, it will bring relaxation and easiness in your life because it makes your guards more punctual with zero supervision. Even system will alert you every time about missing guards if they are missing because of harsh weather. Guards have to be responsible in order to report the problem so the solution can be taken.

So the short summary of this article is that Security Guard Tour System brings accountability, reliability and productivity in the guard patrolling system.

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