Add Safepass Functionality To Your Guard Tour Patrol System

Add Safepass Functionality To Your Guard Tour Patrol System

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Improving Security with Guard Tour Patrol System through Added Safepass Functionality

The role of security guards is of absolute importance to safeguard private property and the people they guard. But it has been observed that due to lack of safety protocols, a level of disorganization develops. As a result, there is confusion concerning the delivery of responsible duties among the security guards. Guard tour patrol system is beneficial to the patrolling guards as it enhances their performance at work. The purpose of this system is to assist the management staff to effectively supervise the duties of patrolling guards. The system provides them thorough feedbacks and reports on guards’ performance.

Today, many hospitals, schools, factories, and other industrial units make use of a variety of flexible access control systems. This system ensures the safety and rids the management of unnecessary paper works and additional costs. Moreover, this system maintains a complete audit track of guards' tours and checkpoints. The newer and lightweight guard controlling systems use QR codes or barcodes instead of any costlier electronic components. There is a mobile phone app that scans the QR code to create a timestamp in the system.

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How Does Guard Tour Patrol System Work?

The new system discards the need for a conventional method of putting everything on paper to record incidents. It works as a smart device to check the security points. It improves the performance of the guards’ patrolling duties. They use a handheld device while checking when they move around in the assigned areas. The system annexes to their belt when they are walking through an area to check anything or walking on the line to the next stipulated point.

These devices remember the data through a memory chip which is more reliable than recording incidents on paper. They keep the management free from concerning whether they should have enough time to arrange the data in time. The only thing in the guard tour patrol system is to upload the data once or twice a week. Accordingly, the system in the control room analyzes data to generate an automatic report. The step by step working of the system is like this:

Setting patrol scheduling 

The guard tour management system sets up the guard’s schedules for days, weeks, or months. It stipulates who will be responsible and where will he patrol during the scheduled duties. What will he check while on guard? The management can bring alterations in the schedules to adjust anything anytime.

Installation of security checkpoints

It is important to prepare for patrolling and installing tags at the right places to ensure effective performance. The basic purpose of the system is to send the alarm to the management by describing the incident. Installation of security checkpoints reduces time losses in the future. These four modes of cloud to collect checkpoints are QR code, NFC mode, GPS Checkpoint Collection, and Blue-Tooth Checkpoint Collection.

Initiating patrolling 

In the next step, the guards get ready to patrol in the assigned areas. The guard patrol device enables the guard to lead to the next point through a voice prompt. In case of occurrence of any incidence, they can send a warning message to the central server through the cloud.

Uploading data to get the information timely

When guards bring back the device to the control room, the concerned officers connect it with the computer to transmit data.

Checking report

The system will generate clear and specific reports to provide feedback to the manager.

How Safepass Functionality Improves Guard Tour Patrol System?

Simplicity & Convenience

The safeguard clients use a simple interface to access the system. Any individual carrying the guard patrol device feels safer than ever. The system makes complicated things simple by analyzing data. Its easy operation and detailed report ensure the simplicity of the guard tour system. The security companies find out about the solutions by having a glance at the system report. It ensures that all the guards are carefully patrolling and performing their duties.

Timeliness & Reliability

As compared to conventional patrolling measures, the advanced guard tour system benefits the safepass clients with several advantages. Firstly, the patrolling system ensures the timeliness of data through real-time tracking. The real-time data uploads instantly when the guard checks points. Even the clients who require safeguarding themselves can inform security managers for security. The system automatically sends signals to convey a message to the security company. With safepass functionality, the security company can achieve remote real-time monitoring. The information shared throughthe cloud data lets the company know the position of guards marked on the map. 

Once the safepass client feels safe, they have the option to terminate the safeguarding procedure. The combination of GPS and guard tour system cloud ensures the safety of guards.

The RFID-based guard tour systems operate with battery-powered wireless checkpoints installed at key locations. While on duty, the guards need to take along active-RFID badges. The checkpoints detect the badges when guards are within a certain range. That means the guards never require access to the checkpoints. Real-time reporting and alerts let the security company take action immediately if required.

Many guard tour systems today communicate with smartphones through Near Field Communications (NFC). This method lets the security company track a guard's movement as long as they carrying their phones.

Less Cost & More Efficiency

When the system automatically generates SOS alerts to the security managers, they get it as visual and sound notifications. The time loss reduces to a minimum when the problems are identified. That’s one of the reasons why companies need an upgrade to guard tour systems with safepass functionality.

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Adding safeguard functionality is the key aspect of strengthening the guard tour patrol system. It addresses the challenges to manage the ground force responsible for safeguarding the premises and its residents. The highly durable RFID guard tour system fulfills the security of the location that the guards carry out. The computer-based control program ensures VIP security when individuals access it through the mobile application.

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