5 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Security Guard Tour System

5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Security Guard Tour System

5 Signs It's Time to Upgrade Your Security Guard Tour System

If you have a security guard tour system, know that it’s one of the best investments of your time and money. However, if your current system isn’t helping you further the success of your company then it’s time for you to consider your guard management approach again. To begin with, the security industry is always operating under razor-thin margins. You already don’t have any budget for tools that don’t help you increase the ROI. However, if the tools are giving you some peace of mind and you are getting what you expected then you might even be able to make some budget for them.


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A good security guard tour system should help you;


  • In increasing officer accountability
  • It should help improve the retention rate
  • A security guard tour system should attract more clients
  • It should identify inefficient areas and then optimize them


Do you want to know if it’s time you upgrade your security guard tour system? Do you want to ensure if it’s providing you the benefits it should? If yes then here are some signs that you need to look out for;


1-You Are Losing An Account Due To Guard Performance


If you are providing the best possible service and if your communication lines with your customers are quite open then you shouldn’t ever worry about losing a client. If you are being blindsided by some account termination, it can be very unsettling which is something that must encourage you to review those management systems that you have in place. Having an on officer performance is a must for you as the owner. If your guard tour system application is efficient and effective, it will immediately alert you if the officer performance slips. In fact, if the solution is really up to the mark, it will even provide time-stamping and GPS services to make sure that the guards are being honest at the end of their shifts.


2-Random Post Inspections Are Becoming Common For You


It’s a complete waste of time and money if you are randomly sending your supervisor to the field for an inspection. The supervisor will most likely end up wasting his time spending it with his favorite officers and let’s face it? It’s hard sometimes to calculate the value of your staff in position.

Instead, you should use a solution that helps you identify how the supervisor is spending time. But it shouldn’t be limited to;


  • Reporting summaries of the incidents
  • Issues of the officer performance
  • Training documentation
  • Sites visited with GPS along with verification of time


 3- It’s Taking You More Time To Manage


The main purpose of the software is to make operations easier for businesses and help run things smoothly and seamlessly without investing too much time. The point is that for software to just collect the tour details isn’t enough. The right software is supposed to help easily collect and then analyze the information which can help you automate all of your management tasks. If you are visiting the site once or twice a week with a pipe or a wand in your hand, it clearly isn’t something you should be doing and it will just waste your time. In other words, if your current solution is causing you a lot of trouble and if you are wasting more time than saving then it’s clear that you should start thinking about upgrading your security guard tour system.


4-The Software System Is Faulty


If you are always turning a blind eye towards the bugs and deficiencies of your software system, it’s going to cost you in the future later. If you find yourself making concessions every now and then and dismissing the features that are difficult to use as “they aren’t even important” then you definitely have the wrong system. Such issues can affect your ROI on a whole other level so the wiser thing to do is to take timely measures and upgrade your security guard tour system to something more efficient and effective that at least doesn’t have software with bugs or difficult to use features. This might sound like some real-time effort initially but in the long run, this upgrade can save you a lot of money and you will then start seeing how your business’s success boosts by leaps and bounds.


5-You Are Upset When The Invoice Comes

One of the most obvious signs that you need to upgrade your guard tour system is that when the invoice comes, you groan a little. The long story short here is that if you don’t see an exceptional ROI on your guard tour system, it’s time that you immediately look for another one. It’s normal for people to be confident about their monthly performance with their system until the invoice comes and it’s all difficult to understand. You need a security guard tour system that brings you great returns when it comes to the expenses and time saved for implementing the guard tour system.

Overall Verdict for Security Guard Tour System

These are the signs that you need to look out for when using a security guard tour system. If you’ve been using old tech like deggy wands of software with bugs and features that make no sense, it’s ultimately going to cost you and your business a lot. So the wiser thing to do is to look out for signs that point towards trouble and ensure that you are investing in the right system that brings your business the value you were expecting in the first place.

Now that you know the signs, if you witness any one of these issues with your current system, just don’t give it a second thought and start looking for a better guard tour system immediately. Yes, you might have to do a little research here or spend a little extra money but we assure you that it will all be worth it in the end!

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