Qualities of Real Time Guard Tour System Professionals Use

Qualities of Real Time Guard Tour System Professionals Use

Qualities of a Real Time Guard Tour System that you may have not known

Over the past decade, security systems have undergone much development. Features like the wand systems emerged as game-changers. Many new systems emerged, a recent one being guard tour systems. These systems are gaining the attention of everyone in the security industry because of their many benefits. Things like the wand systems DO work but lack the revolution that a real time guard tour system has introduced.

You can find almost every company using these conventional wand systems. However, only professionals are making the decision to switch to a real time guard tour system. They are well-informed decisions like these that make such businesses succeed!

If you are trying to think about ways to increase the efficiency of your security operation, say no more. A good real time guard tour system provides many benefits while also making up for where the wand systems lack.

This would help keep your business as secure as it can ever be.

Still don’t believe us? Maybe the following will change your mind. Here are 5 qualities of a real time guard tour system that professionals use!

real time guard tour system


Unexpectedly, rapid developments in technology have reaped benefits for all industries. The security sector got its own blessing: a real time guard tour system.

These systems help companies to basically keep track of their security guard’s activities. They help them to log, organize and execute guard patrols effectively.

The best factor: checking if guards have visited all checkpoints responsibly. This is all done from the comfort of a control office, instead of visiting the field.

This helps to ensure that all guards complete their predefined tasks within the given time. A well-optimized system hosts another, more efficient feature. It helps you to know the present, live location of your guards as well.



Taking Attendance: Time and Accuracy

In past years, this process was a very time-consuming one. Guards spent long hours patrolling their area, only to get stuck into official inquiries. Inquiries, that were the result of a simple mistakes.

Whenever guards reached a checkpoint, they had to spend time writing all their patrol details into a notebook. This was the way they marked their attendance. This process was a tiring one, not to mention one that wasted time.

This manual recording of data included several intricate details. These included the time at which they arrived at the checkpoint and the time it took to complete their patrol.

The involvement of this detail makes the whole process of taking attendance extremely complicated. It was prone to errors because of entering such exact details.

Taking Attendance: Finances

Furthermore, people used papers to copy this data to keep records or pass onto their supervisors. This made the attendance a very time-consuming and long process. There is a chance that your company might use computers to type data into, requiring a bulk typist. Extra finances would thus be used, leading to a smaller budget.

However, the introduction of a real time guard tour system solved all these problems. It digitalized almost all of the mentioned processes. This made the lives of both guards and their supervisors easier.

It also led to an accurate collection of data. All guards had to do was simply scan their handheld devices, and voila! Digital data collection takes place automatically by the computer. Data is then sent to an external server. Supervisors can then easily access it, on-demand.

The guard’s superiors would also instantly receive this data when the guards would scan their devices at the checkpoints. This is also why it has the name “REAL TIME” guard tour system.

Real Time Guard Tour System Increased Efficiency

A real time guard tour system has a simple quality that it always manages to increase your system’s efficiency. Sometimes this may take longer than expected but you should never get dishearted. After all, you have a system that is the best in the market, valued by all!

Saving Space

In the past, companies had dedicated room just to store files. This was not much appreciated as not only did huge rooms go to waste just to store files. But also, because these rooms were often not very safe.

Someone could easily steal confidential files from these rooms. You had to keep these files somewhere else (from where they, again, could be lost). Or you had to disguise them to look like regular files. And simply pray that no one accidentally came across them.

However, such worries are no more! Guard tour systems are nowadays equipped with the most top-quality cloud systems available in the world of computing. Because of this, there is no longer a need to build dedicated “file rooms” in your buildings.

Fast and Secure

These cloud-based real time guard tour systems have access to external, often off-site servers. This alone makes them extremely secure to store data on. This is because only a specific few would have knowledge of their location, keeping them from being compromised.

This quality of such systems also boasts to be extremely fast: the minute a guard scans his device at a checkpoint, his superiors will be immediately alerted of this action.

Accuracy paves the way for efficiency

These servers are used to keep records of knowledge of any and all activity. They are also known as the “cloud”. This helps to maintain a history of all actions that took place. Anyone who has access to these can access data at any time, from any place.

This history can especially come in handy during data analysis procedures.

Real-time guard tour systems have the added benefit of automatically analyzing data and creating reports. This saves finances as there is no need for human analyzers. The reports created are also extremely accurate with no room for error.

These very reports will help you in identifying your system’s weaknesses. You can then take relevant steps toward improving those aspects of your security. This will ultimately provide you with the most efficient security system you could ever dream of!

Real time guard tour system offer Automation

A real time guard tour system comes equipped with cloud-based software. This software offers many benefits to both the officers that patrol the premises and the administration.

Struggles of older systems

In a conventional system, a guard needs to carry with him several necessities at all times. He needs to have things like a notebook and pen to take notes of anything that seems odd to him.

After spending much time patrolling a wide area while carrying these things with him, he needs to report his findings. After marking his final attendance, he needs to visit the offices and where his superiors will review his notes.

The supervisors will then review all such notes submitted by security guards and take action accordingly. This will be a time-taking process, not to mention a boring and tiring one. All your workers will thus get lazy, creating an inefficient workplace.

The reports that the supervisors will create will have to then be transferred to the company’s file room. Most employees already consider this to be a waste of space. Visiting it will make your workers hate their job, making them ineffective in doing their tasks and fulfilling their purposes.

Simple Solution

Guard patrol systems are designed to take care of all such problems. Every employees’ job will become easier by automizing these processes using AI-based technology. This will lead to job satisfaction, which will make them more productive in day-to-day activities.

All the guards will need to do is scan their handheld devices; from there on, everything ranging from data transmission to report creation will be handled by your guard patrol system.


 Increased Accountability

Older systems were known to lack accountability and thus be inefficient. This is not the case with a real time guard patrol system.

For example, an employee might be tired of patrolling his preset area in the heat of the sun. So, he decided to be cheeky and skip a checkpoint. He knows that your systems aren’t well-equipped to immediately find out if he missed any stops.

He simply calls his guard friend at the other checkpoint to mark his attendance for him.

This stunt could have caused your business much damage. However, you have no way of finding out who it was that cheated on his duties.

Such habits are detrimental to success. Newer employees might even pick up these habits when they see the older ones acting this way. This will create an ineffective security system.

However, guard patrol systems are the solution to all such worries. With their advanced system, no guard can cheat their way through.

All guards need to scan their own unique handheld devices at the checkpoints to mark their attendance. No other guard can do it for them.

This way, guards will know that they will be immediately held accountable if they do not fulfill their duties. This will make them act more responsibly than before.

The GPS tracking facility in guard tour systems also allows supervisors to keep track of their guards at all times. The guards’ live location would be available for transmission to them upon demand whenever they want, 24/7. This would also force the guards to act more responsibly. This is because they would know that they are constantly under watch.

Another benefit of a real-time guard tour system is that it helps to create accurate reports, as mentioned before. This can be quite handy as these reports will have no shortcomings. They will thus help in pointing out the weak spots of your system. This will include any bad eggs in your guard force. Thus, they could be dealt with accordingly.

Lastly, to top it all off, you have:

Real time guard tour system brings Simplicity

Guard Tour systems in the past had complex procedures that everyone had to fulfill. These included filling out needless paperwork and going through a set chain of command.

Such formalities not only wasted useful time but were also causing an inefficient system. They slowed down overall business operations by unnecessary complications.

For example, a guard wanted to report his findings to his supervisor. He first had to immediately note down whatever seemed odd in his carry-along notebook. Then, after a long day, he had to visit the security HQ to give the handwritten notes in for checking. This would be a tiring process for an already exhausted person. His superiors would then go through all such notes, most of which won’t contain anything of importance. This would also be a long and exhausting procedure.

There would’ve been a delay in this reporting, as the guard submitted his notes at the end of the day. This delay might be devastating to the security system, as the reported threat could have escalated manifolds.

This may cause irreparable damage.

However, using a real-time guard tour system is the simple solution to all this complexity. If any guard notices something out of the ordinary, he will simply press the panic button on his handheld device. Some devices even have a feature to send several pictures or videos to their security HQ for clarity. If the situation escalates, guards can also immediately call for backup using the “panic” button.

As this whole process will take place digitally, all details the computer would record would be accurate. You would also notice a significant reduction in paperwork.

Not only would processes become simple, but they would also provide an eco-friendly approach to your business, keeping everyone happy!

Final Word

If you are still following a conventional guard patrol system, it’s definitely time for an upgrade. These five features are essential to look for while you are browsing for a real time guard tour system.

Such a system will help you to establish a professional business that is on its way to being extremely prosperous. By attaining peace of mind that your operations are safe and secure, you will have the reassurance to focus on other aspects of your business. This will surely help you to climb the stairs to success!

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