No longer is simply boring patrol

Patrol Patrol is a deceptively simple and responsible job, is it a guarantee of personal and property safety. Particularly in residential buildings, the petrochemical industry is significant. However, some patrol officers for patrol work contradiction, work accidents every year because of negligence caused countless. How can mobilize patrol officers enthusiasm and initiative is very important to make intelligent Patrol Patrol inspection is no longer monotonous, so "easy to manage, happy patrol."
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Consideration Security Industry

Chinese security industry what they lack most? Lack of brand; lack of core technology and channel development services. Chinese security industry's shortcomings in the eyes of the industry has become the cash cow of a strong brand, strong brand, especially in the IT sector in the industry, strong brand influence, with advanced technology to develop a strong core or channel strength, relying on a strong brand and strength a short time it can dominate the security market, which is the Chinese traditional security companies lacking something.
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Patrol product selection when you need to know

Long before patrol officers through traditional way to record attendance Patrol work today need a scientific, objective and rigorous, with high-tech means to achieve the best solution for a set of patrol management. Traditional Patrol patrol officers based on the recording is completed by hand, at the local installation requires a patrol like mailbox-like box (patrol point), each patrol officers arrive here on paper, write your own reach time, name and related information, and then put into the box.
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